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"Fear of Losing" by Tiffany Pennywell

I remember when our relationship took a shift

We were walking near Front Street

And reveling in the darkness

Alive in the moment

And I thought maybe…just maybe

I could reveal to you my deepest secret

Even though you were my boyfriend

I thought it was important to let you know

Of my orientation

One that I had been emotionally and mentally struggling with

Did you cringe


Did you thank me for opening up to you


Instead it set a foundation of doubt and insecurity

One that eventually led to the demise of us years later

For even though I never left you or strayed

Your constant fear of me doing so

Eventually pushed me away

Tiffany Pennywell is a writer and poet from Shreveport, Louisiana. Tiffany is the author of My Downward Spiral, Window to my Soul and Face and Embrace Yourself. She has also co-authored a horror/fiction book series entitled Seemingly Strange and Unusual Tales. You can find all of her work available to purchase here.


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