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Queerport 2020: A Virtual Festival

Updated: Jul 1, 2022


Welcome to Queerport 2020, a week-long celebration of queer proportions featuring shopping, art, presentations, conversations, music and film. Are you ready for a hauntingly good time? 👻 Join us Oct. 26-31 as it all culminates on Halloween with an epic drag show featuring ELEVEN performers from all over the south.

We are excited to bring you this event this year, albeit a bit different than the last. EVERYTHING is happening digitally, right here on the interwebs. We'll be uploading our content EVERYWHERE, so we promise you won't miss it. Facebook will be our landing page for most things, but you can also find content uploaded directly here to our website (

We want to give a BIG shout out to our sponsors of Queerport 2020. Honestly, we know the show would have gone on with or without, but by securing nearly $1,300 over the last few months, we were able to pay TWENTY participating creatives! This is HUGE for us, and for them. Many of these artists have been displaced due to COVID-19. Sales have been paused. Art markets canceled. In-person drag shows just stopped. It's been a lot, and this is our way of ensuring these artists get PAID for their craft.

With that being said, welcome to Queerport 2020!



10 AM: FB Live: Welcome to Queerport!

A brief overview of Queerport, what we've done so far this year, and what you can expect during Queerport 2020. Check it out here!

11 AM: Marketplace Opens

We've curated an amazing shopping experience you featuring vendors from all over the south! Click the photo to explore.

3 PM: Dudgrick Bevins

Poet and writer Dudgrick Bevins shares a ritualized video performance with us as we kick-off Queerport and honor LGBTQ History Month. Featuring Chrissy Taylor.


Queerport creative Blanca del Loco delivers a captivating performance honoring the lives lost in our trans community. CW: depicts symbolic violence.

6 PM: LGBTQ+ History Presentation via Zoom with Dr. Jaime Cantrell

Pre-registration has CLOSED. Dr. Jaime Cantrell (Texas A&M Texarkana) presents the Queer ArkLaTex Regional Oral History project. VIDEO COMING SOON!



11 AM: Drag Queen Story Time with Lemon Pop

Our favorite sour girl returns for our second installment this year of DQST! Perfect for all ages. You can view it here via Facebook.

6 PM: Off Site: Shreve Memorial Library LGBT Virtual Book Club

Pre-registration has CLOSED. Hosted by Shreve Memorial Library's Hamilton/South Caddo Branch via their Facebook. Aimed at teens and young adults.

8 PM: FB Live: Junesday with June Cleavage

Tonight we're playing host to the always lovely June Cleavage. She'll be dishing about Halloween and her top 10 scary movies! You view it here via Facebook.



11 AM: Queer Art History Zine Launch

We are launching this GORGEOUS zine from fellow QP team member, Raymond Pagni. Ray has created a small zine titled "Queer Art: A Brief Examination of LGBTQ+ Artists in History." Not only did he assemble this, but he created ALL OF THE ARTWORK featured. He is a talented artist and we're lucky to have him be a part of Queerport. Make sure to follow his art on Instagram.

Printable version:

Double sided printing instructions:

  1. First print off all the odd numbered pages (1, 3, 5, 7, 9).

  2. Once printed, organize the pages from first page to last or last to first depending on how your printer collates. If your printer prints the first page first, put the first page of the zine on top, if the last page, the last page of zine on top.

  3. Place the sheets back in the paper cartridge with the top and bottom of the zine facing the same direction that they came out.

  4. Print off all the even pages (2, 4, 6, 8, 10).

  5. Read and please enjoy.

For a digital, phone compatible version:

1 PM: Studio Tour: Slay Shop Go behind the scenes with one of our Marketplace creatives, Mason Slay, as he shows you his studio. Check out his studio here.

6:30 PM: FB Live: Jazz Dinner with Aidan Fitzgerald

Want a live concert in your home while you eat? Tune into our FB for a spooky jazz ensemble presented by Aidan Fitzgerald.

8 PM: FB Live: Paint Party

Enjoy a lively black light paint party with mixed media artist Dungeon Cowboy. You can watch the videos here: Part 1 & Part 2.



11 AM: Glass Blowing Demo

Sebastian Shepherd with Sanctuary Glass Studio will be creating a hauntingly beautiful piece for your viewing pleasure. Watch the video here.

2 PM: Art Class with Lemon Pop

Lemon Pop returns for an online art class you don't want to miss.

6 PM: Alok Vaid-Menon

Gender non-conforming poet, activist, designer, author, and performance artist Alok Vaid-Menon chats with our co-founder Derick Stevens-Jones about all things queer.



4 PM: Film Screening: in[APP]licable

Content warning: depicts scenes of a sexual nature/strong language

New Orleans based filmmaker Cam Owen presents in[APP]licable, the first in a series following a single guy obsessed with using the "hookup" app, Cruizr. Check out the Q&A that followed below.

6 PM: Film Screening: Broken Boy

Content warning: depicts scenes of trauma/sexual assault/implied drug usage/strong language

Shreveport filmmaker Jason Woods takes a look at the life of a young black man and the effects of trauma and sexual assault within the LGBTQ+ community. Check out the Q&A that followed below.



7 PM: Halloween Fright Night Drag Show

Featuring Blanca del Loco, June Cleavage, Su DeNim, Mirage, Faye Hexx, Amanda Mann, Filth-ito, Katrina Waters, Teddy Bow, Qween Quan & Onyx Fury. Adult themes and partial nudity. You can view below.


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