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"Perfect Way to Die" by Tiffany Pennywell

At night, I laid upon the soft earth

That was covered by dead leaves

As the blood trickled down my neck

I slit exactly where I knew I would die

A slow yet peaceful death

I wanted to die amongst the stars and moonlight

As a crisp breeze moved sweetly

Through the early fall air

I let my eyes close

Knowing that no one would find me

In this long forgotten overgrown field

That held flowers

Still holding on

To the last warmth of the season

"Sleeping Beauty, what are you doing here?"

As I languidly opened my eyes

I found myself staring up

At a dark figure

"I am dying."

I answered

"Please leave me in peace."

And even though

My mind was already slipping

I knew I was not imagining

When I felt her kiss upon my lips

A shock of heat ran through me

As a drop of blood passed through my open lips

So sweet

So delicious

That with what strength I had left

And pulled her atop of me

I'd never kissed a woman's lips

And I couldn't tell if it was her

Or if the blood made them softer

Causing a longing to stir

And as I started to relax into the kiss

This dark-haired mistress pulled away

"Where you lie is upon my land.

How can I deny myself a gift

That you willingly put here?"

And even though

I had little life left

I felt my back arch myself into her

As she sank her teeth into the spot I had slit

A pull of my blood with her lips

Caused spasms to rip through me

I couldn't help moving against her body

And I could tell from her moans and grinding

That she was enjoying the reaction

I fought against the thick fog

That was plaguing my mind

I did not want to go

I did not want to leave this place

That was my perfect place to die

For I had never felt such intimate pleasure

From any man before

Than what this woman gave me

In these brief moments

She moved away from my neck

And started to lick the tears

That had started to form

"I will let you die in peace

If you agree to die and live with me."

I desperately wanted to scream

And moan out a yes

But I knew I had no strength

And hoped that she could see

The slight nodding of my head

As the darkness around me surrounded

I could no longer see the stars

And I could only feel her arms cradling me

As she continued to grind against my sex

To my relief

The sweet nectar

That I tasted before

Pushed through my dry lips

As she mingled her tongue with mine

And with renewed strength

I wrapped her curvaceous body

With my vice grip

I savored every drop

As my body rocked with hers

Moving in unison

As our bodies danced

And as we came

I felt a new source of life

Enter inside of me

Filling every fiber and vein

With a hot and potent energy

That awakened my senses

And atop of me

I found the most beautiful face

That helped me find

The perfect way to die

Tiffany Pennywell is a writer and poet from Shreveport, Louisiana. Tiffany is the author of My Downward Spiral, Window to my Soul and Face and Embrace Yourself. They have also co-authored a horror/fiction book series entitled Seemingly Strange and Unusual Tales. You can find all of their work available to purchase here.

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