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a note on radical community building

Updated: May 24, 2019

one of our reasons for starting queerport was to build a strong and unified, leftist, queer community that could be comfortable growing together while upsetting the status quo, organizing, and making art with people who are fiercely supportive without judgement or input from cishets or the Gay Establishment.

this is something we have wanted to see in our local area for far too long, and there is strong impetus to do so now under the current circumstances we and our comrades are facing.

we need to create a community that will take care of itself and its members, and is relentlessly queer, and that will feel like home for people who haven’t ever felt "like home.” 

we want to create a safe space (online and in ~real life~) for queer people to be themselves and explore things they’ve never been able to explore freely around others like them.

we want to change shape based on the will of those who join us. we want to be shaped by what is needed and what is necessary for queer people in this community.

we want to provide tools to learn and to create and to showcase whatever it is these queer people want.

because it’s time.

– evx

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