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Global Creative Directory

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Listen up! Are you an artist? Crafter? Music maker or booty shaker? We are searching for QUEER CREATIVES to be a part of our Global Creative Directory. This ever-growing list of visual artists, fashion designers, musicians, actors, and more is a testament to the abundance of gifts and abilities our queer community has to offer. Our goal is to connect creatives with each other, and to more audiences. Beginning with Louisiana, our directory spans from our home base in Shreveport to NYC, London, New Zealand, and beyond. If you identify as queer and would like to be a part of this directory (and history), email us at or tag us on social media. We are currently prioritizing BIPOC and TGNC+ folx. The time to assemble is now.



Michelle Auvenshine | experimental photographer

Jacksonville, Texas

Finn Levi Basil | multimedia artist

Nashville, Tennessee

Artist, drag performer, and model.

Ben Butler | mixed media artist/graphic designer

Atlanta, Georgia

Custom, silly art of various things. Open for commissions.

Kendra Callaway

Decatur, Georgia

Visual artist turned maskmaker.

Harper Cantrell | tattoo artist

Savannah, Georgia

Focusing on a modern and illustrative rendition of American Traditional style.

Ben Collongues | photographer

New Orleans, Louisiana

Self-taught with an affinity for lifestyle photography. Prints available for sale of the 2019 NOLA Trans March of Resilience (a portion of sales are being donated to the organization).

April Cross | oil/acrylic/watercolor painter

Haughton, Louisiana

Open for commissions.

Rachaela DiRosaria | mixed media artist

New Orleans, Louisiana

Contemporary folk artist, focusing on narrative cabinets and boxes.

Angela Duncan | photographer

Longview, Texas

Fine art, boudoir photography.


Azure Fortman | mixed media visual artist

Longview, Texas

Crafter with a focus on painting and wreath making.

Ari Gabrek | mixed media artist

New Orleans, Louisiana

Prints, painting, and photographs.


Meg Golding | comic book artist/embroider

Decatur, Georgia

Specializing in embroidery and custom pronoun pins.

Joey Hartmann-Dow | illustrator

New Orleans, Louisiana

Creator of art prints, custom illustrations, and greeting cards; spearheaded The Badass Women Project.

Eva Hawkes | mixed media artist

London, England

Hand-painted decor inspired by the wonders of nature.

Lydia G. Henderson | mixed media artist

Nashville, Tennessee

Specializing in paintings, illustrations, and photography; open for commissions.

Randy Highley | mixed media artist

Kansas City, Missouri

Handmade wood, resin, and metal decor.

Portia Hunter | analog and digital photographer

Atlanta, Georgia

Prints available for sale. Email for inquiries.

Aidan Issac | 2D/digital artist

New Orleans, Louisiana

Available for select commissions. Contact via email.

Heather John | crafter

Shreveport, Louisiana

Specializing in glitter tumbler mugs.

Silas Julian | mixed media artist

Cleveland, Mississippi

Nude body positive art, kitschy collages, and trans portraits. Open for commissions.

Felicia Kay | photographer

Shreveport, Louisiana

Events, special occasions, and all things nerdy.


Casey Fitzgerald | watercolor painter

Shreveport, Louisiana

Pet portraits; open for commissions.

Kelly Ketchum | taxidermist/crafter

Shreveport, Louisiana

Open for comissions.

Richard B. Marshall | filmmaker/illustrator

Atlanta, Georgia

Patrick Allen McBride | acrylic painter

Little Rock, Arkansas Open for commissions.

Maggie Molisee | mixed media artist

Shreveport, Louisiana

"Dark, macabre, surreal, beautiful, inspirational, and provocative."

Augustus Morgan | mixed media artist

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Portraitures and sketches.

Rachel Morris | acrylic painter

Tyler, Texas

Squeex Nellon | embroiderer

New Orleans, Louisiana

Specializing in joint art and other radical things.

Karina Orta | photographer

Lufkin, Texas

Wall Portraits / Prints / Canvas / Fine Art / Digital


Roma Michel Pace | mixed media artist/writer

Harvey, Louisiana

Cos-play creations, 2D-3D art.

Shannon O'Rear Palmer | photographer

Shreveport, Louisiana

Documentary / Art / Editorial / Portraits

Erika Penix | photographer

San Diego, California

Wedding photographer and woven wall hanging creator.

Shanisia Person | illustrator/painter/DJ

Atlanta, Georgia

They explore sexuality in all its forms, from the mundane to gender, even BDSM.

Ashley Pimenta | illustrator/graphic designer

Atlanta, Georgia

S. M. Prescott | mixed media/fine artist

Ruston, Louisiana

Creating art born of mourning, healing, questioning, and growing.

Roberta Raimondi | hobbyist

London, England

Magical, cute, and ethical creations.

Lazarus Rise | mixed media artist

Coloarado Springs, Colorado

Alt Queer Surrealism Art.

Marco Avery Rose | digital and acrylic painter

San Antonio, Texas

Available for commissions of original characters, portraits, and NSFW content.

Noah James Saunders | wire sculptor/jewelry designer

Athens, Georgia

Currently celebrating with a 30-year retrospective.

Sebastian Shepherd | mixed media artist

Shreveport, Louisiana

Glass blowing, 2D-3D art, sculptures.

Mason Slay | mixed media artist

Metarie, Louisiana

Specializing in art, buttons, and hand-sewn patches to declare yourself.

Ruben E. Smith | experimental filmmaker

Natchitoches, Louisiana

"A private showing of my films as the world collapses."

Emmett Stoffer | mixed media artist


(S)cyborg making art for all bodies in colonized Pocumtuc/Nipmuc territory.

Sam Delos Reyes Strickland | photographer/videographer

Atlanta, Georgia

Content creator with a love of music, fashion, and art photography.

Whitney Tates | mixed media artist

Shreveport, Louisiana

Acrylic and watercolor. Open for commissions.

Tyler Thomas | mixed media artist

Pensacola Beach, Florida

Traveling artist who focusses on creating upcycled art, skate decks, pendants, and other creations. Available for performance art, workshops, and handiwork.

Jonathan Watson | mixed media artist

Lafayette, Louisiana

Illustration, printmaking, and painting.

Sebastian Williams | mixed media artist

Shreveport, Louisiana

2D art, photography, and graphic design.

Jason Woods | photographer/videographer

Shreveport, Louisiana

Portraits, wedding, fashion, editorial, creative.

Adam Zee | mixed media artist


Repurposed trash, digital, and otherwise.



Adonis BC | DJ/musician/performer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Spiral of gender and performance.

Connor Cochran | composer/producer

Atlanta, Georgia


Hannah Hammell | producer

New Orleans, Louisiana

Max Hearn | experimental artist

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Frank Jones | musician/performer

Shreveport, Louisiana

Sadie Jones | experimental musician

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ray Lark | musician/visual artist

Asheville, North Carolina

Lazarus N. Letcher | musician/writer

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Singer/songwriter, violist, and member of Eileen & the In-Betweens.

Corey Pope | neo-funk artist

Atlanta, Georgia

Ian Quiet | composer/actor

Shreveport, Louisiana

Spotify / Facebook / Instagram



Simone Byrd (Carlotta Coquette) | burlesque dancer

New Orleans, Louisiana

Co-founder of NOLA Drag & Burlesque.

Robin Carlisle | actress, editor

Shreveport, Louisiana

Jacob Corder (Mirage) | drag artist

Shreveport, Louisiana

Shadi Darzeidan (Lemon Pop) | drag artist/graphic designer

Shreveport, Louisiana

Danny Fox-Trot | drag/visual artist

Dallas, Texas

Draglesque, queer artist.

Lee Garrett (Gale Wynns) | drag artist

Shreveport, Louisiana

Mat Latz (June Cleavage) | playwright/actor/drag artist

Shreveport, Louisiana

TikTok / Instagram

Sarah Mowrey | comedian

Los Angeles, California

Non-binary, bisexual comedian and writer.

Skyy Ohara | drag artist

Longview, Texas

Marcus Thomas | actor/dancer/singer/drag artist

Lubbock, Texas

An opera-singing drag queen who enjoys slinging cookie dough.

Blanca Del Loco's Sweet Treats Facebook / Instagram

Ashe Valentine (Harlequin Cheshire) | drag artist/mermaid/cosplayer

St. Louis, Missouri



Selvyn Bell | graphic designer

Lafayette, Louisiana

Specializing in 2D/3D character design.


Sofie Thema Eisenhower | programmer

Dallas, Texas

Programming mainly in object-oriented languages, preferring Java and Python.

Emily Hamann | graphic designer/photographer

Shreveport, Louisiana

Digital / Advertising / Publications / Branding

Mason Reyes | illustrator

Gainesville, Florida

Includes NSFW art. Open for commissions.

Ash Walsh | illustrator

Atlanta, Georgia

Storyboards, illustrations, and comics. T-shirts available. Open for commissions.



Katya Herb | queer plant witch

Chicago, Illinois

Herbal ritual tools for radical self-care.

Danielle Jackson | model/beauty entrepreneur

Shreveport, Louisiana



Sara Glassman | jewelry designer

Homewood, Alabama

Specializes in wearable art.

Daquine. J. Hebert | fashion designer

New Orleans, Louisiana

Self-taught designer of queer fashion.

Adam King | jewelry designer

Shreveport, Louisiana

Custom natural gemstone jewelry and home decor.


Christopher Manley | jewelry designer

Big Sandy, Texas

Jewelry, painting, crafts.

Logan Spector | illustrator

New Zealand

Silk scarves celebrating queer love, mythology, and fantasy.

Møss Spøre | textile artist

Crocheting clothing and home decor.

J.D. Stevens-Jones | stylist/boutique owner

Shreveport, Louisiana

Vintage clothing for guys, gals, & non-binary pals.

Joshua & Duane Sullivan-Bradley | textile artists

Shreveport, Louisiana

Specializing in the knitting, weaving, and dyeing of yarn.

Kymberly Taylor | hat designer

Harker Heights, Texas

Custom-made, one-of-a-kind fedoras and feathers.

Jessica Upchurch (Jessica St. James) | textile artist/drag artist

Bossier City, Louisiana

Crochet creations, hand-made, and up-cycled items.



Brody Parrish Craig | writer/poet

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Founder of Twang Anthology, a resource for TLGBQ writers.

Alex Robert Franco | writer/poet

Atlanta, Georgia

Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

D.L. Holmes | writer/poet

Shreveport, Louisiana

A writer of horror and science fiction.

Books for sale via Amazon

James Jackson | writer/blogger

Denton, Texas

A Latinx transman navigating their identity through poetry and prose.

Charl Landsberg | poet

A collection of queer love poems dealing with love, sex, hurt, and loss.

Adaryll Moore | writer/poet

West Monroe, Louisiana

Motivational gender non-conforming author focussing on the LGBTQ+ experience.

Tiffany Pennywell | writer/poet

Shreveport, Louisiana

Published author of erotic/horror short stories/poetry.

» Amazon / Etsy

Elizabeth Grace Rambo | writer

Shreveport, Louisiana

Email for inquiries.

Arielle Rebekah | writer/podcaster

Chicago, Illinois

A trans writer capturing the experiences of TGNC+ people.

Alok-Vaid Menon | writer/performance artist/designer

New York City

Alok Vaid-Menon is a gender-nonconforming transfeminine Indian-American performance artist, poet, and queer activist. They are the author of Beyond the Gender Binary, now available.

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