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This Wig Has Been Snatched, Henny

Josh Deville is not here to play.

As the owner of Deb ‘N Hair Wigs, this statuesque and ethereal creator provides custom (and extravagant at times) wigs to entertainers. Not only does Josh style wigs, he also is a damn good seamstress. And singer. And oh, yes – drag queen.

"I figured the sky’s the limit and I don’t intend on stopping once I get there," said Deville, the 27-year-old creative who just recently moved from Shreveport to Dallas, Texas (originally from Pineville). "Dallas opens up so many different avenues I plan to utilize with my wigs and my drag alike. I’m hoping to work more with local venues, bars, clubs, tv, film, photographers, models, all different forms of entertainment aspects."

Deville, who goes by the stage name DeBonaire DeVille and uses he/she/they pronouns, checked in with Queerport interviewer Trix Lotuswolf to chat about hair, drag and more:

Queerport: Tell me about the wigs! I'm dying to know where you got such a phenomenal talent.

Josh Deville: I have been styling wigs since 2018, but it wasn’t until 2020 that I began to get really serious. My mom is a cosmetologist who has had her own salon since I was a tot, so I had plenty of space to watch and learn so long as I was as silent as a (suppressed) little gay boy running around a business could be. To be honest, I feel like I began producing good quality product that I could be proud of and just sort of, ran with it.

QP: When did you realize this is what you wanted to pursue?

JD: My “This Is Me” moment is the second I realized I could do this. I had recently quit my full-time management position to officially pursue Deb N' Hair Wigs. I had reached my capacity to take any more orders for the month and was booked, not just for the current month but the one following that as well. All my bills were paid and I had money in savings. The support I was shown from people who love my work gave me the peace to know that I can work for myself. All of that has led to amazing memories like doing hair for RuPaul's Drag Race star Scarlet Envy for RuPauls Drag Con LA 2022. She wore my hair on the pink carpet runway as her first day entrance look and I was euphoric! She commissioned the design straight from me and it is one of my most glorious creations to date. It was such a "win" kind of moment for me.

QP: What do you do outside of wigs? Who is Josh?

JD: I find joy in musical theatre, singing and makeup. I love to sing and have been since I was two. It may be part of the reason I am who I am as a drag queen. I also find time for my loving partner and family. Yes, we have babies – fur babies! Two dogs and a cat, and as any queen would, I spoil my kids! Also, of course, I do drag. DeBonaire DeVille is my entertaining name and I love giving an over the top performance filled with laughter and quirky fun! The judges say that you never know what I'll bring to the stage and it's


QP: I'm so thirsty for more! Tell me, what's next for you?

JD: The sky is truly the limit! I have so many goals for myself and I'm so tired of hearing "no" that it's time

for the answers I get to be "yes," even if I have to make them happen for myself. Speaking them to fruition – I WILL continue to make connections in my drag community! I WILL travel more for bookings for Deb. I WILL have a Deb ‘N Hair Wigs booth somewhere fabulous this year! I WILL be on a TV show this coming year! Oops, tell them that's a secret one! This year will be busy, busy for me and I'm so ready to embrace all the good things coming my way.

QP: We have to come to a close, my dear. If you could give some advice to someone entering the world of drag, what would it be?

JD: When someone enters into the world of drag, you go down so many twists and turns and ups and downs

that make a difference in the person you will become. My advice would be to make sure you always have

someone cheering you on from the side. A support system is such an important part of building a dream.

You can learn more about Josh Deville and Deb N' Hair Wigs via Instagram & TikTok: @thedebonairedeville. All photos by Blake Roy Butler.


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