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Stay Safe, Comrades – White Nationalists are Out for Field Gay

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Yesterday evening, a post on Facebook from a dear friend was brought to our attention as preparations were being made for Field Gay, happening tomorrow (Saturday, 6/26) at A.C. Steere Park in the Broadmoor Neighborhood of Shreveport. This is what was was said:

"Just doing a little park cleanup before Saturday. Someone accidentally left their unsolicited opinion in our city park. Happy to take out the trash. ☺️"

Stickers were littered all over the park including benches, poles and other areas. Upon arrival, Steven (who is a co-founder of Shreveport Q-Prom, the organization who is putting on Field Gay) began removing these stickers.

"At a certain point it just got exhausting because beyond myself, there was a whole park of people many of them brown and black that were enjoying themselves. And don't even get me started on the kids. It's just really sad and it hurts my heart," he said.

These are the stickers he found:

This was a targeted mission, one lead by the group Hundred-Handers, a white nationalist organization based out of the UK. After a quick Google, a Wikipedia page for the org states:

"The group was first reported in May 2018, according to TRT World.

In January 2020, fake Extinction Rebellion posters were reported in Brighton. These included: 'Stop white genocide', 'House the world, destroy the environment' and 'population control in the third world'. Extinction Rebellion Brighton said they are not associated with the posters and do not endorse them.

In March 2020, further such stickers appeared in Bedford.

In September 2020, stickers with racist slogans and linked to the Hundred Handers appeared in the Crookes area of Sheffield. Stickers were also reported in Scotland.

In June 2020, it was reported that the group had put up messages in Canada, such as: 'Never apologise for being white,' and 'There is a war on whites' and 'It's okay to be white.'"

And now, June 2021, stickers have now been placed in Shreveport. Sticker distribution for the hate group goes down like this, which is similar to other groups who have done this here in the past –

Please exercise caution if you happen to see any of these stickers or posters in or around town. In previous years, razor blades and other harmful objects have been placed behind such propaganda. We suggest using gloves when removing.

As of now, their social media links and web addresses have been reported and are seemingly down.

We do not stand for this at Queerport, and we do not stand for seeing this bullshit in our city.

If you do see any of these stickers or other propaganda, please reach out to us via Stay vigilant, and stay safe, comrades.

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Tamie Hackler
Tamie Hackler
Jul 19, 2021

Wow Please Be careful and Thank You for Picking Up the

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