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Queerport 2020 Marketplace

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Our MARKETPLACE has closed for QUEERPORT 2020, but you can still access all of the artists and creators via their online platforms:


Meg Golding (they/them) | Atlanta, Georgia

"Meg is a struggling comic book artist that lives on anger and the tears of small children. They are an elusive creature but can occasionally be lured out of hiding by a good mocha. Meg was raised by a box of dollar bin comics and thrown out when they realized they would never grow into a limited edition holographic cover like they had hoped. Now Meg draws cartoons and paints constantly in an awkward attempt to regain their affection."

Connect with them on Instagram @meghasissues or at meghasissues.com. You can shop their full collection via Etsy: etsy.com/shop/hellmousestudios


Kelly Ketchum (she/her) | Shreveport, Louisiana

Kelly Ketchum specializes in taxidermy soft mounts, painting, and various other crafts.

Connect with her on Facebook for purchasing or via Instagram. You can shop her full collection via Etsy: etsy.com/shop/mementovitaecreation

Coyote Soft Mount | $800

"This sweet little girl is just begging to come home with you! Once you look into her longing eyes, you will know she’s the perfect cuddler for you! She has wire in her legs to allow for posing in lying positions because who doesn’t want to lie around all day?

Curious about her pins? Taxidermy is a slow process and takes a while to finish, so pins are used to keep her skin exactly where it’s supposed to be while she dries! All pins will be removed prior to her coming home, just think of it as a sneak peek into how taxidermy is made! It certainly doesn’t diminish her cuteness factor."

Cross Fox soft mount | $750

"This cross fox girlie has just the right amount of sass. A little snarky look from her and all your friends will swoon over this amazing gal! She’s got amazingly soft fur and one of the prettiest coloration of fox out there. She has wire throughout her body and is completely poseable! Doesn’t her little face make you wanna bring her home?


Shanisia Person (they/them) | Atlanta, Georgia

Shanisia's art explores sexuality in all its forms, from the mundane to gender, even BDSM. They are primarily an illustrator and have created zines, buttons, stickers, and more for your perusing.

Connect with them on Instagram @shanisiaperson and see more available items on their IG Story. You can shop their full collection here: shanisiaperson.wixsite.com/illustration/merch


Maggie Molisee (she/her) | Shreveport, Louisiana

"Maggie Mae Molisee climbed from the primordial ooze where she entered this plane of existence through a portal located in South Jersey. From there she experienced the transcendence of fine art. Inspired by her eccentric, imaginative life-bearers and other creative influencers, she absorbed and developed the use of acrylics, pencils, mixed media and various other artistic mediums. Due to the eclectic nature of both her subject matter and style, which range from still life to still death and from expressionist to a sort of chaotic realism, her pieces have been described as dark, macabre, surreal, beautiful, inspirational and provocative. She eventually ventured out into the real world and currently finds herself living creatively in Shreveport, LA."

Connect with her on Instagram or Facebook @magotpie or at magotpie.com. For more information or to purchase, please reach out on social media or email: magotpie.art@gmail.com.


Jason Hyde (he/him) | Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Dungeon Cowboy is the Alternative Queer Surrealism style of Jason Hyde, a twenty-three year old mixed media artist that currently resides in Colorado. The ideas of drag culture, body horror, BDSM, and Satanism are engaged with through various mediums such as Prismacolor pencils, acrylics, and watercolors. From painting murals and shirts to including human cremains in his artwork, Dungeon Cowboy combines the elements of the morbid, colorful, uncanny, and grotesque."

Connect with him on Instagram @dungeoncowboy or on Facebook Dungeon Cowboy. You can shop his full collection here: dungeoncowboy.squarespace.com


(she/her, he/him, respectively) | Shreveport, Louisiana

Published authors Tiffany Pennywell and D.L. Holmes main focus is erotic/horror short stories and poetry. The duo have co-authored three books in a series, “Seemingly Strange and Unusual Tales,” as well as their own separate works. They are both drawn the style of gothic horror and the magic that is Louisiana.

Connect with them on Instagram @tiffany.pennywell @d.l.holmes or on Facebook Tiffany Pennywell. You can purchase copies of their books here: Tiffany: https://amzn.to/3hUPmYG; DL: https://amzn.to/2Yj0zu0


Bailey Harris (they/them) | Shreveport, Louisiana

"The main goal in everything I create is to give a home to people who don't fit into societal norms — people who look or dress different, people who don't fit in the heteronormative ideals or gender boxes dictated by our world, people who strive to be kind and seek the good in others. They are very much my people, and I want to give them what I have to offer. So if my art inspires and brings joy to people, I know I'm doing my job."

Connect with them on Twitter and Instagram @seizethesubsea to purchase or order any of their work, or visit their Etsy. You can see their full portfolio of work here: seizethesubsea.com.

Any inquiries on art or products should be made via social media or email: seizethesubseas@gmail.com

Technicolor Pleasures

Teddy Bow (he/him, they/them) | Nashville, Tennessee

"Teddy Bow is a queer, trans, multimedia and performance artist, storyteller, breathwork, embodiment, meditation facilitator and coach. They are a third generation photographer who dipped into the arts as a child loving movement, music, expression, pencil, ink, and color. As a teen and young adult, they began developing their analog and digital photography, paint, ink, and storytelling skills. Teddy has been active in the Nashville arts scene for over a decade. They are a founding member of local production company Silhouette House. Teddy has been both videographer and Coproducer for The Moth, Nashville. They have brought their particular combination of otherness, queerness, transness, kink, pleasure, surrealism, minimalism, maximalism and sparkle to venues across The South. Teddy’s current focus lies in using art, movement and nourishment to aid fellow marginalized communities of folx in nurturing wellness, pleasure, and resilience."

Connect with him on Instagram @technicolorpleasures, Facebook or linktr.ee/TeddyBow. To purchase any of the following works, please communicate with the artist via their artwork purchase form: https://forms.gle/wFqH6yVp4jyknMpW9


Adaryll Moore (he/him) | West Monroe, Louisiana

"Author Adaryll T. Moore, an East Coast native presently living in the South, is a gender fluid born leader, advocate for the LGBTQ community, creator, educator, mentor, motivational speaker, poet, published award winning author of four books, business owner, sexual abuse survivor, game changer, overcomer, and a plethora of other characteristics and traits."

Connect with him on Instagram @adarylldbamoore. You can see shop all his books here: amooreenterprises.org.


Mason Slay (he/him) | Metarie, Louisiana

"SlayShop is run and owned by Mason Slay, a genderqueer trans guy. I started the shop in 2015 as a place to sell my creations. SlayShop has changed along with me. From bookmaking and embroidery to pins and prints, now to patches, totes, apparel, and more; I’m even slowly adding my art back into it! I always wanted to make patches but I struggled with depression and just couldn’t get the motivation. However once I began seeing my current doctors and began recovering I began making them in the summer of 2018. A year later I had more than 100 designs and am making more money than ever from my work. Thank you to everyone who had made this possible! My current work is focused on expressing yourself, on declaring yourself and what you stand for. I strive to be as inclusive as possible."

Connect with him on Instagram @m.slayshop or on Facebook. You can shop all their patches and work here: slayshop.store


Kagan Isom (they/them) | Shreveport, Louisiana

"My name is Kagan Isom and I’m a digital artist and graphic designer based here in Shreveport, Louisiana. The words I would use to describe my style would be: animated, colorful, bouncy, and overall ‘queer’. My commissions are also open, so if you enjoy my style feel free to reach out to me on social media!"

Connect with them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @dashofkolor. You can shop all their work via Etsy: etsy.com/shop/DashOfKolor

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