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Queerport 2019

To be seen is one thing, but to be heard? That’s what happened at Queerport 2019.

Over 40 artists, musicians, poets, vendors, creators, and performers came together under one roof for a day like no other in Shreveport, Louisiana. Hugs were given. Friends were made. Family was created. We saw babes in their parents arms and grandparents, mothers, sisters — blood and chosen. We celebrated alongside each and every person who walked through the doors of mincine?.

Queerport is not just an event, it’s a movement. And it’s not just one day, it’s every day. We live in QUEERPORT. We work in it. We play. We create. We have always existed in spaces not meant for us. That changed on June 22. We are creating spaces FOR US, BY US. Queerport isn’t just one person, it’s every person. We are no longer waiting or settling for events and gathering’s that aren’t made for all of us. We witnessed pure queer magic during this event, which also served as our launch party for We are thankful for our queer community and want to give you all the opportunities. Harnessed together, we can leave our mark on this city. At this event we asked people to leave their mark, to validate themselves in a way they hadn’t been before. Or to speak their truth. Be vulnerable. Leaving your mark is all about being heard. And we heard you.

Our goal is to create year-round queer based events, and we're working on that. We can't wait to collaborate with our community on these projects. Keep an eye on our FB, IG and blog to stay in the know. We'll see you soon.


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