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Downtown Shreveport Welcomes UrgentEMS; Transgender Billboard Campaign Launches in Arkansas

SHREVEPORT, La. – New on the block in downtown Shreveport is the urgent care and telehealth facility, UrgentEMS. They are located in American Tower at 401 Market Street, Suite 950.

The facility, which opened June 7, is led by Dr. Tiffany Najberg, Director of Emergency Products and Services, and founder, Matthew Lottinger. UrgentEMS is a walk-in clinic and provides services via their telemedicine platform which helps connect dentists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physicians, and more. The facility itself includes multiple exam rooms and an infusion room with hydration services. Additional services include lifestyle and dietary management, lab work, and chronic disease management, among others.

UrgentEMS’s first call to action has been the recent healthcare laws banning and criminalizing medical care for transgender youth in Arkansas. In passing the Save Adolescents from Experimentation Act, Arkansas became the first state to pass a bill restricting access to gender-affirming healthcare for anyone under 18, even with parental consent. The act also prohibits minors from receiving hormone, puberty blockers and transition-related surgeries.

“Urgent EMS has released three billboards surrounding the Arkansas State Legislature building as a reminder to our neighbors to the north that we are not going to stand for discrimination,” said Najberg. “Children and teens affected by this dehumanizing law will see and understand that people are thinking about them and that there is somewhere to go, albeit far from their home.”

The billboards state “We don’t care who you are. We’ll care for you,” “Family focused care for every member of the family,” and “We don’t hate. We don’t discriminate. We heal.” It’s messages like these that Najberg hopes to resonate with those traveling through Little Rock where the billboard campaign is happening. She also stated on social media that she has plans to bring them to Shreveport.

“Sometimes you must take a stand, make an impact. Sometimes there is a realization that you alone may be in a unique position to do so, that in the situation where everyone says ‘Why don’t you guys do something?’ that the person is you. Do you step up? Or do you let it slip away? This is only the beginning,” she said.

Find out more about the work UrgentEMS is doing online via Facebook or by visiting


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